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Mortgage Checklist

Submitting a complete application with all the required documents helps reduce the
chance of surprises or delays later in the process.

Begin Your Application
Once you’ve found the right home and negotiated the purchase contract with the
seller, you’re ready to apply for your home loan.

Below is some of the important information you will need to provide when you apply.
If more than one person is applying, all applicants must supply this informatio

• Full name, Social Security number, address and phone number
• Employer name, address and phone number
• Annual income before taxes
• Value of assets, including banking, retirement and investment accounts
• Expenses, including housing, credit card and other loan payments
• If currently renting, the property address, monthly rent, and name and address of your landlord (for purchase transactions only)
• The address and sales price of the property being purchased (for purchase transactions only)

Gather Your Documentation
After taking your application, your Mortgage Loan Officer will review your next steps
and send you an application follow-up letter, often referred to as a “needs” letter.
Carefully review this letter. It contains a list of the documentation needed to support
your application. It is very important that this documentation be provided as soon as
possible to avoid delays in the processing of your loan.

Provide Copies of Your Documents Within Seven Calendar Days
When you’ve gathered the documents listed in the application follow-up letter, provide
copies of them. You can either send them via email, fax or mail. If you email or fax you
will want to keep your originals in case you need them in the future.
Email to: shuls@firstharrison.com or astark@firstharrison.com.

Fax to: (Officer) 812-734-3477

Mail to:
First Harrison Bank
Attn: Amber Stark
220 Federal Drive
Corydon, IN 47112

If you do not provide all required documents within seven calendar days of submitting
your application
it could create delays and potentially cost you to extend your interest rate.

Below is a list of the most common documents needed to support your application. Keep track of when you submit them.

• Pay stubs to cover one full month of employment
• W-2 statements and signed Federal Tax Returns from past two years (all pages and relevant schedules required)
• Signed Business Tax Returns from the past two years (all pages and relevant schedules required)
• If self-employed, a copy of most recent quarterly or YTD profit/loss statement
• Two most recent bank statements for all financial accounts, including investments
• A copy of the signed Purchase Agreement (for purchase transactions only)
• Most recent monthly statement for any mortgage you hold on your home

Depending on your individual situation, you may need to provide additional documentation.

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